Spezialpreis der Akademie - Sonia Rossier


Sonia Rossier
1ère assistante réalisation de « Laissez-moi »


Interpersonal chemistry is a complex matter. How well a group works together – a motley team shooting a movie, for instance – depends on a variety of factors. On a film set, however, there is one role in particular that has an outsized influence on group dynamics: the assistant director. They can create a harmonious environment that inspires fruitful collaboration between the different departments on set, helping the film become a success. In this way, the assistant director plays a decisive role in converting interpersonal chemistry among the film crew into magic on the big screen.

Today we would like to honour both an individual and a profession that plays an influential role in the many invisible aspects of filmmaking.

The person we are honouring today has helped the make the vision behind a number of films become a reality. She keeps the set under control while using empathy and humour to bring about a creative and productive atmosphere. Her remarkable charisma, her energy and the joy she takes in her work act as a motivator and motor for all staff on set, be it in front of or behind the camera.

In addition to her cinematic flair, she possesses a great gift for facilitating interpersonal relationships. She is good-natured but not careless, conciliatory yet strict. And in times of need, she soothes the director with humorous cat videos.

Today we are pleased to present Sonia Rossier, the assistant director of Laissez-moi, with the Special Prize of the Swiss Film Academy. Laissez-moi, the first feature-length film by Maxime Rappaz, exemplifies the interplay between all cinematic elements. Sonia Rossier undoubtedly had a hand in this achievement – and we’re not referring to the cat videos!