Soul of a Beast

Lorenz Merz

In a delirious summer rush, teenage father Gabriel falls in love with enigmatic Corey, the girlfriend of his best friend Joel. Deeply hurt about their deceitful intentions, Joel reveals the truth about Gabriel’s entangled past, there is not only a child. Overwhelmed with the decision of his life, Gabriel is catapulted into the unforgiving wilderness of his heart, where imagination is more real than reality.

Lorenz Merz
Simon Hesse, Lorenz Merz, Cyrill Gerber, Anke Beining-Wellhausen, Patrick Gantner, Urs Fitze
Fabian Kimoto, Lorenz Merz
Film Score:
Fatima Dunn, Lorenz Merz, Julian Sartorius
Oscar van Hoogevest, Patrick Becker, Manuel Gerber
Film Editing:
Lorenz Merz, Noemi Preiswerk
Ella Rumpf, Pablo Caprez, Luna Wedler, Tonatiuh Radzi